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  • Slim Indian beauty, Riya, was a shy schoolgirl who lived with her uncle in a small village. Her uncle, a skilled masseuse, often gave her massages to help her relax after a long day of studying. One day, while giving her a massage, Riya couldn't help but feel a rush of excitement as her uncle's hands roamed over her body. She had always been attracted to him, but never acted on her feelings. As the massage turned into something more, Riya couldn't resist anymore and gave into her desires. The two engaged in a passionate and forbidden affair, captured on a marwadi sex video that would later become the talk of the village. Riya's uncle also shared their steamy encounters in Bathroom his tamil sex stories, adding to the taboo nature of their relationship. Despite the risks, Riya and her uncle couldn't resist the thrill of their secret trysts, making their bond even stronger.
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